Analyzing Sources
Analyzing Sources

After Research: Analysis!

In History Fair, students become active "producers" of history rather than passive consumers by analyzing the sources rather than simply gathering them for the project.  For example, historical images are more than illustrations--they are evidence that will help you answer your historical question and develop your argument.  By analyzing each primary source and finding the connections between the sources, you will begin to make history.

Need help learning how to better analyze primary sources for evidence?  In addition to using CMHF worksheets, spend a little time on the website "Docs Teach". This interactive activity from the National Archives asks students to weigh the strength of primary source evidence for two opposing theses on popular U.S. history topics (Freedman’s Bureau, General Douglas MacArthur, etc.).  It models what students need to do with the sources they have found for their History Fair projects.

Analyzing Sources Worksheets

The following worksheets are provided by the Chicago Metro History Fair to assist you in organizing your History Fair project.


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