Illinois Delegation to National History Day


Aurora – East Aurora High School

  • Tanya Jonsson, Brian Nunez, Felipe Rodriguez, Daianna Soto and Veronica Soto, “Chicago Human Rights Ordinance,” Senior Group Performance.

Carbondale Middle School

  • Josie Brown, Reem Khader, Sequoia Lopez, Prianka Patel and Rabab Isa, “Housed as Guests or Taken as Prisoners:  WWII POW,” Junior Group Performance.
  • Esther Hughes, Rebecca Connet and Jennifer Harper, “Tie us Down or Leave us in Pain,” Junior Group Performance.

Chicago Academy High School

  • Natiera Robinson, “Addie Wyatt:  Fighter on Three Fronts,” Senior Individual Documentary.

Chicago – Bronzeville Scholastic Institute

  • Chakena Sims, “Chicago’s Council Wars:  The Feds Strike Back.”  Senior Individual Website. Placed 13th in the nation for the category.

Chicago – Edison Regional Gifted Center

  • Mary Giambrone, “A Mighty Hard Struggle,” Junior Individual Exhibit.  Represented Illinois at the National Museum of American History.

Chicago – Lincoln Park High School

  • Lea Kichler, “Picasso in the Daley Plaza,” Senior Individual Documentary.  Placed 8th in the nation for the category.
  • Jasper Acosta, Arthur Moskala, Mahir Krijestorac, Armin Hajdarovic and Firas Hentati, “Eugenics,” Senior Group Documentary.
  • Stella Menash and Daniella Flax, “McCollum v. Board of Education,” Senior Group Documentary.

Chicago – Payton College Prep High School

  • Jonathan Kamel, “Defending the Limits of the First Amendment.”  Senior Paper.
  • Mackenzie Trumbull, “Richard Nickel:  The Debate that Brought Down Buildings,” Senior Individual Exhibit.

Chicago – Roosevelt High School

  • Mariah Schuldt, “Holocaust Hero.”  Senior Individual Website.  Recognized as "Outstanding Project from Illinois in the Senior Division."

Chicago – St. Luke Academy

  • Steven Beck and Nicholas Radtke, “Native American Treaties in Illinois.”  Junior Group Exhibit.  Recognized as "Outstanding Project from Illinois in the Junior Division."


Des Plaines – Maine West High School

  • Abigail Mann and Jamie McDuffie, “McCollum v. Board of Education,” Senior Group Exhibit.

Elgin – St. Thomas More School

  • Tom Havermann, “Cuban Missile Crisis – Adlai Stevenson,” Junior Individual Exhibit.

Elk Grove Village – Mead Junior High School

  • Arun Arjunakani and Benjamin Cooper, “The O’Hare Modernization program.”  Junior Group Website.  Placed 9th in the nation for the category.
  • Arman Goyal, “Diplomacy at Fort Dearborn,” Junior Individual Performance.  Placed 13th in the nation for the category.
  • Kevin Hong, Glen Huang and William Chen, “Illinois Secession,” Junior Group Documentary.

Grayslake – Grayslake North High School


  • Matt Teubert, “Behind the Bomb: Secrets of Manhattan,” Senior Individual Exhibit.

Independent Scholars

  • Rucha Mehendale, “Chicago Gun Ban,” Senior Individual Performance.
  • Lina Kapp, “IQ:  A Test Taken too Far,” Junior Individual Performance.
  • Daniel Josefchak, Ryan Malone and Karsten Pavlick, “Jewish Response to the Nazi Threat in Skokie,” Junior Group Documentary.

Lincolnshire – Stevenson High School

  • Akanksha Shah, “Chicago 8 Trial.”  Senior Paper.

Palatine – Quest Academy

  • Advith Chehkani, “The Atom Bomb Controversy.”  Junior Individual Website.
  • Owen Chang and Max Kontorovich, “Anti-Communism in Illinois.”  Junior Group Website.
  • Jenna Chin, “The Escobedo v. Illinois Supreme Court Case.”  Junior Paper.  Placed 11th in the nation for the category.
  • Frani O’Toole, “President Reagan and the End of the Cold War.”  Junior Paper.
  • Marissa Howe, “The Attempted Nazi March in Skokie:  Freedom for the Speech We Hate,” Junior Individual Documentary.  Placed 10th in the nation for the category.
  • Birkan Cetinkaya, “Fermi Lab – Accelerate for Particles, Equal Opportunity, Human Rights,” Junior Individual Documentary.

Skokie – Niles North High School

  • Mahak Lakhani, Camila Marquez and Brett Nagel, “Equal Rights, Unequal Schools.”  Senior Group Website.
  • Warren D’Souza, James Gilbert and Yoni Seger, “Turmoil on the City Streets:  The Democratic Convention of 1968.”  Senior Group Website.  Placed 8th in the nation for the category and awarded the Constitutional Rights History prize.
  • Saud Ahmed, Yiorgas Giannetos and Alex Stavrapolous, “Black Presence at the World’s Fair,” Senior Group Exhibit.

Skokie – East Prairie School

  • Gabe Elizer, Rachel Lisitza, Thanis Garbis, “March for Diplomacy.” Junior Group Exhibit.

Zion-Benton – New Tech High of Zion-Benton

  • Traden France, Alexander Sperry, Yanely Ortiz, Zak Oglesby, and Chris Garner. “Chicago Desegregation.” Senior Group Performance. Placed 14th in the nation for the category.

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