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History Fair now offers you topics – some of them are specific, some of them of broad – but in all cases,  we give you only a title and leave it to you to do the work to find out what it is about and what kind of argument you want to make regarding its rights and responsibilities. Often you will have to dig deep to find a good and important story.  Treat most topics as ideas to inspire your own interests.

Click here to download the list of topics, or view them below.

Some advice from the NHD office:

  • Question:  Do projects need to address BOTH rights and responsibilities within a single topic?  Based on the sample topics list for this year, it looks to me like some topics just address rights OR responsibilities, not both.
  • Answer:  There is no single interpretation of any of the NHD themes – the goal is to create a lens through which students can analyze their topics.  Realistically, many topics will touch on both rights and responsibilities, but that is NOT a requirement.
  • A student might choose to study the Pure Food and Drug Act, and how it created a government that became responsible for food safety.
  • Most students will find that while their topic may have a primary focus, the other half of the theme begins to creep in as they further their research.  For example, a student studying Alice Paul and the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment might find sources arguing as to whether the government has a legal responsibility to accord certain considerations to women under the law.
  • Here are some essential questions to consider:
    • -What is the struggle between those who have power and those who don’t?
    • -What are we required to give to the community?  What are we entitled to be given?
    • -How do we balance the rights of the individual with the rights of the group?
    • -What responsibilities do we have to protect those who cannot protect themselves?
    • -What are the limits to rights?  Where should the lines be drawn?
  • Question: How do I integrate the theme into my topic/thesis statement?
  • Answer:  It takes initial research to learn more about your topic!
    1. Remind yourself of the theme.
    2. Make a grid of potential topics/right/responsibilities.
    3. Evaluate what specific part(s) of your topic fit well into the theme.
      1. Once you do more research to narrow your topic, write the specific part(s), and make sure that you integrate the theme by:
        Using the theme words
        Explain how the part relates to the theme.






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