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2017 nhd qualifiers

2017 National History Day Qualifiers

Information for 2017
NHD Qualifiers

Junior Paper

Hank Stennes, Lane Tech Academic Center, The Chicago Teacher Revolt of 1933

Hope Walter, Nettelhorst Elementary, It All Started in a Supermarket: Women Taking a Stand for Consumer Rights

Senior Paper

Nicola G. Han, University of Chicago Lab High School, Taking a Stand for Global History: William H. McNeill Challenges

Jennifer Yu Wang, University of Chicago Lab High School, Never to be Compelled: The American Medical Associations

Junior Individual Website

Yanni Simmons, Catherine Cook School, The Art of Protest: The Black Artrs Movement in Chicago

Luna Alice Johnston, Peterson Elementary School, Chicago Womens Health: A Stand for Women by Women

Junior Group Website

Cole Fuller and Ian O'Rourke, Catherine Cook School, The Whole World's Watching: the 1968 Democratic National Convention

Rishika Chikoti, Krishna Patel, Ojasvi Saxena, and Aditi Singh, Twin Groves Middle School, Keeping Chicago Dry: Eliot Ness and the Untouchables

Wyatt Dunne and Olivia Gettner, Lincoln Elementary School, PA'LANTE SIEMPRE PA'LANTE! The Young Lords of Lincoln Park

Senior Individual Website

Nick McGowan, Payton College Prep High School, Standing in the Face of Fear: Xenophobia and the Haymarket

Samarth Madduru, Stevenson High School, The War Against the War: The DNC and the Riots of 1968

Senior Group Website

Teddy Lambert, Andrew Borland, Dakota Erwin, and Mattias Amezquita-Fox, Evanston Township High School, Fred Hampton: "You Can't Kill the Revolution"

Allison Eby and Madeleine Mirza, Maine West High School, Jane

Junior Individual Exhibit

Lucy Webb, South Loop School, Standing Up and Sitting Out: African American Protest at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

Bella Kim, Twin Groves Middle School, Robert R. McCormick: Champion of the Freedom of Expression

Junior Group Exhibit

Brenna Humphris and Ryan Rosignal, Lakeview Junior High School, A Chance for Life

Nina Fonseca, Sophia Huh, Ella Koleno, Ava Penn, and Maya Westbrook, Whitney Young Academic Center, Redlined: The Story of the Contract Buyers League

Senior Individual Exhibit

Carlo DiBernardo, Evanston Township High School, Collective Action to Reverse History

William Bauman, Grayslake North High School, Taking a Stand on Road Safety

Senior Group Exhibit

Veronica Gibson and Hollister Rhone, Payton College Prep High School, The Great "White" Plague

Austin Morrell, Lily Rogers, Katie Stammer, and Madison Sutton, PORTA High School, 1970 SIU Riots

Junior Individual Documentary

Joaquin Ancheta, Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, Taking a Stand Against Segregation: Benny Goodman and his Jazz Swing Band

Emmett Schumacher, Skinner West Classical School, Richard Nickel: Architectural Preservationist

Junior Group Documentary

Jairyn Hinthorne, Caitlyn Kennedy, and Nadea Tikhanovich, Alex Buss, Payson Seymour Elementary School, Elizabeth Packard

Adela Mihaela Jianu, Roshni Mathew, Iman Mohajir, and Connor Roche, Whitney Young Academic Center, The Radium Girls: A Glow in History

Senior Individual Documentary

Shayla Hertzke, Grayslake North High School, Through the Lens of Art Shay's Photography

Tim O’Laughlin, Payton College Prep High School, 1919 World Series: A Scandal and a Commissioner's Stance

Senior Group Documentary

Adriana Nava-Villanueva, Abigail Ramirez, and Fatima Rodriguez, East Aurora High School, Chicago's Chicano Movement: Chicanos al Grito de Guerra

James Dill, Katya Edwards, Briana Garcia, Zoe Goldberger, and Emma Meyers, University of Chicago Lab High School, Jane Addams: Pioneer for a Pacifist Nation

Junior Individual Performance

Faiyaz Khan, Decatur Classical School, Sinking the Rising Raft of Prejudice: Ben Hecht

Sophia Carlson, Lincoln Elementary School, The Radium Girls and the Society of the Living Dead

Junior Group Performance

Maya Benyas and Allison Connet, Carbondale Middle School, Not Her Place: An Illinois Coalfield Hellraiser

Drina Agujci, Greta Gilllmor, and Karina Rog, Lane Tech Academic Center, Phyllis Schlafly: Conservative Queen on the ERA

Senior Individual Performance

Sarah Pitafi, Carbondale Community High School, Berets, Jackets, and Guns: Standing Up for Black Power

Ananya Shah, Stevenson High School, Fighting Ignorance in our Education: Calrence Darrow Takes a Stand for Science

Senior Group Performance

Rhea Bhaumik, Alexis Jones, Michelle Pappoe, and Keagan Schlosser, Carbondale Community High School, Taking a Stand Against Racism in Cairo, Illinois

Alexander Heatley, Melody Leung, Ilaisaane Summers, and Kelly Yuen, Payton College Prep High School, From Chicago's Coast to the Frontlines: World War II


Illinois History Day Awards

Abraham Lincoln Association Award

Danny Rubin, Grant's Obnoxious Order and Lincoln's Stand for the Jews, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School

National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century

Allyson Powell, The Potawatami Warriors: Death by Freedom, Ogden International School

NHD Illinois School of the Year

Lakeview Junior High, Downers Grove, Jacob Little

Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission Award

Eleanor Chmielowicz, Mallory Kirk, Claire Mc Dermott, and Madeleine Marland, Dorothy Gautreaux: Chicago's Unsung Hero, Payton College Prep High School

Illinois State Organization, National Daughters of the American Revolution Award

Emily Sands and Francesca Turrinelli, Grace Trout and the Fight for Justice, Catherine Cook School




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