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Congratulations NHD Qualifiers 2016
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nhd qualifers 2016

2016 National History Day Qualifiers

Information for 2016 NHD Qualifiers

Junior Paper

Jiyoon Yang, Lincoln Elementary School, "Facing Racism and Defending Civil Rights: Chicago Race Riot, 1919"

Peter Baffoe, Mead Jr. High School, "The Eastland Disaster"

Senior Paper

Kyle Arnashus, Von Steuben High School, "Reversal of the Chicago River"

Cristian Molina, Lincoln Park High School, "From Affliction to Progress: 19th Century Chicago Epidemics"

Junior Individual Website

Ethan Parham, Mead Jr. High School, "A Long Lost Dinosaur Gets Home: The Unearthing of Sue"

Theo Brady, Edison Regional Gifted Center, "The Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory"

Junior Group Website

Megan Dalalo and Cece Joshi, Lane Tech Academic Center, "Going Critical: How Chicago Scientists Influenced Government on Atomic Energy"

Samantha Ernst, Ray Klest, and Diganta Roy, Mead Jr. High School, "The Fire that Still Burns"

Senior Individual Website

Stefanie Mena, Prosser Career Academy, "Chicago Freedom Movement: A Fight for Change"

Samarth Madduru, Stevenson High School, "Big Mind, Small Government: Milton Friedman"

Senior Group Website

Abby Rooney, Ella Altimarno, Bibiana Torres, Payton College Prep High School, "Flappernomics: Women as Consumers and Products in the Jazz Age"

Isaac Gershberg, Amelia Rosenbaum, Annie McGill, Fiona O'Brien, Payton College Prep High School, "Communism and Civil Rights: An Exchange of Ideas"

Junior Individual Exhibit

Tommy Surdyk, Lakeview Jr. High School, "Lager Beer Riots: Liberty is Served"

Andrew Roman, Kenwood Academic Center, "I & M Canal: A Link to the Modern World"

Junior Group Exhibit

Annika Brand, Rustom Ichnaporia, Saagar Patel, Mead Jr. High School, "The Man, The Meat, and Muck Rake"

Erin Yuan and Bridget Zhu, Twin Groves Middle School, "Father of Chicago Blues: Muddy Waters"

Senior Individual Exhibit

Francesca Milito, Lincoln Park High School, "The Mother of all Pandemics"

Ali Espevik, Maine South High School, "The Revolution in Neonatal Care, Practice and Technology"

Senior Group Exhibit

Madelyn Moy and Audrey Pettigrew, Payton College Prep High School, "Eighty Acres of Hell: Camp Douglas and its Impact on Warfare Policy"

Zachary Tuite and Benjamin Faibussowitsch, Lincoln Park High School, "The Illinois and Michigan Canal"

David Hernandez, Victor Hernandez, Daniel Moreno, and Danny Perez, Lincoln Park High School, "The Great Migration: Encounters Between Black and White Residents in Chicago"

Junior Individual Documentary

Sophia Pribus, Science and Arts Academy, "The 1918 Chicago Influenza Epidemic: A Revolution for the Advancement of Public Health"

Laila Morris, McDade Classical School, "From Servitude to Civil Rights: Race, Labor, and Strikes with a Pullman Postmark"

Junior Group Documentary

Rosemary Mascarenhas and Parita Shah, Mead Jr. High School, "The Newsreel that Started It All: The Memorial Day Massacre of 1937"

Maansey Rishi, Kayla Huang, and Hannah Hansraj, Whitney Young Academic Center, "Encountering the Deadly Pandemic of 1918: A War Against Humankind"

Senior Individual Documentary

Manikandan Swaminathan, Stevenson High School, "The Manhattan Project: Exploring Impact of Fallout"

Julianna Ritzu, Payton College Prep High School, "Jane Bryne, Cabrini Green, and the Failure of Public Housing in Chicago"

Senior Group Documentary

Caroline Caruso and Anna Kaganovich, Lincoln Park High School, "The Pill: A Controversial Contraceptive with a Chicago Connection"

Jesse Bonaguro, Brooke Gawel, Peter Kelly, and Carlie Wilson, Nazareth Academy, "Commodroe's Courageous Cartoons"

Junior Individual Performance

Haley Mohr, St. Thomas More Catholic School, "The Rockford Peaches: The Girls of Summer"

Taylor Sellers-Varela, Decatur Classical School, "Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers: Singing Their Way to Freedom's Highway"

Junior Group Performance

Gabriela Benyas, Maya Benyas, Kylee Korando, and Ray Shang, Carbondale Middle School, "Barbed Wire: A Twisted Legacy"

Theo Canji, Cecily Marden, and Tessa Versace, Lane Tech Academic Center, "Fight the Peril Behind the Lines: How the Stateville Malaria Experiments Affected WWII in the South Pacific"

Senior Individual Performance

Allison Witkowski, Ridgewood High School, "One More Beating Heart: Dr. Daniel Williams"

Ananya Shah, Stevenson High School, "Encountering Our National Crime: Ida B. Wells Anti-Lynching Exchange"

Senior Group Performance

Wilson King, Emma Mueller, and Katherine Zhang, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, "String Theory: Maud Powell and the Development of American Classical Music"

Roman Ahmed, Rachel Miller, Annalee Ith, and Jeffrey Sagun, Lincoln Park High School, "Exploring Rights, Encountering Resistance, and Exchanging Ideas in the CTU"


Illinois History Day Awards

Old State Capital Foundation, African American History Research Paper Award

Jiyoon, Yang, Lincoln Elementary School, "Facing Racism and Defending Civil Rights: The Chicago Race Riot of 1919"

Old State Capital Foundation, Women's History Research Paper Award

Nicole Vela, Mead Jr. High School, "Jane Addams and the Fight for Labor Legislation: Encountering and Exploring the Slums of Chicago"

NHD Illinois School of the Year

Ogden International School of Chicago

Illinois & Michigan Canal Award

Mary Mullarkey and Allison Salata, Nazareth Academy, "Gurdon Hubbard and his Economic Development of Chicago"

Zach Tuite and Ben Faibussowitsch, Lincoln Park High School, "The Illinois & Michigan Canal"

Andrew Roman, Kenwood Academic Center, "The I & M Canal"

Illinois Labor Historical Society Awards

Maddie Clark and Nafisa Ismail, Solomon School, "Florence Kelley: Putting Women and Children First in Social Reform"

Rosemary Mascarenhas and Parita Shah, Meah Jr. High School, "The Newsreel that Started It All: The Memorial Day Massacre of 1937"

Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission Award

Christopher Zrazik, Catherine Cook School, "Clarence Darrow's Fight to Let the Thrill Killers Live"

Illinois State Organization, National Daughters of the American Revolution Award

Rachel McLaughlin, St. Walter School, "Mansion With a Mission Hull House"



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