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2015 National History Day Qualifiers

Information for 2015 NHD Qualifiers

Junior Paper

John Blalack, Lane Tech Academic Center, “From Prairie to Metropolis: How the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad Spurred Chicago Onward”

Ethan Parham, Mead Jr. High School, “How to Take your Hospital on the Road”

Senior Paper

Allison Colaianni, Lincoln Park High School, “Albert Lasker: The Father of Modern Advertising”

Simone Wallk, Payton College Prep High School, “Redefining Politics: Jane Addams and the Pacifist-Suffragists”

Junior Individual Website

Shira Friedman-Parks, Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School, “It's Not Easy Being Clean: The Legacy of Josephie Cochran”

Hunter Bennett, Kenwood Academic Center, “Justice, Not Political Expediency”

Junior Group Website

Aarushi Verma, and Sara Gregg, Quest Academy, “Jane Addams: How She Led Immigrants to a Better Life”

Loretto Crofton, Aaliyah Taylor, Elizabeth Johns, Phillip Sanders, and Yaritzel Carlos, Whitney Young Academic Center, “Making a Killing”

Senior Individual Website

Eva Lewis, Payton College Prep High School, “Roosevelt College: A Leader in Democratic Education”

Daniel Alviar, Prosser Career Academy, “Fall of Anarchism”

Senior Group Website

Rachel Sitt, Irena Gao, and Ethan Nicklow, Carbondale Community High School, “Pioneering Equality: Edward Cole and the Defense of Freedom”

Karly Greenfield and Jennifer Goodfriend, Niles North High School “Rats, Filth, Sewage, and the Second City”

Junior Individual Exhibit

Luna Johnston, Decatur Classical School, “Save Our Great Lakes: Leading a Wave of Chicago”

Ben Heuertz, Immanuel Lutheran School, “Free Frank McWorter: From Slave to Leader”

Junior Group Exhibit

Samantha Ernst, Annika Brand, Rosemary Mascarenhas, and Parita Shah, Mead Jr. High School, “Fighting for Freedom”

Allison Cavallo, Kayla Huang, Hannah Hansraj, Ayana Loyd, Luke Peng, Whitney Young Academic Center, “Legacy of a Lawsuit”

Senior Individual Exhibit

Stephanie Hernandez, Roosevelt High School, “Assistance Across an Ocean: Chicago's Anti-Apartheid Movement”

Laila Sauer, Evanston Township High School, “Jens Jensen: Parks and Preservation”

Senior Group Exhibit

Jillian Troxell and Haley Wedge, Maine West High School, “Clarence Darrow: Putting Capital Punishment to Death”

Kathryn Moran and Claire Goldman, Payton College Prep High School, “The Most Dangerous Woman in America: Jane Addams”

Junior Individual Documentary

Charlie Leversha, Catherine Cook School, “The Black Panthers Leaders of Freedom”

Lena Brün, Lane Tech Academic Center, “Herbert Brün's World of Sound: How a Composer Advanced Musical Science”

Junior Group Documentary

Steven Li, Rajat Mittal, and Tom Schluckbier, Mead Jr. High School, “From Pullman Porters to Civil Rights Activists”

Jeremy Nohel, Alexandria Burr, Joey Padmanabhan, and Graham Mauer, Whitney Young Academic Center, “Students for a Democratic Society: Leading a Cultural Revolution”

Senior Individual Documentary

Caroline Caruso, Lincoln Park High School, “Pride of Chicago: Marlin Perkins and the Lincoln Park Zoo”

Rose Jacobs, Payton College Prep High School, “The Thrill is Never Gone: The Legacy of the Bronzeville Blues”

Senior Group Documentary

Erik Strand, Brian Strand, and Joaquin Miranda, East Aurora High School, “Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues”

Mayra Rios and Cynthia Ramos, East Aurora High School, “Virginia Ohlson: The Revolutionary Nurse”

Junior Individual Performance

Kathleen Ellsworth, St. Thomas More School, “Personal Liberty: The Heroic Battle of Elizabeth Packard”

Nicholas Kapp, Edison Regional Gifted Center, “Something from Nothing: Improv and the Legacy of Viola Spolin”

Junior Group Performance

Carmen Russo and Kylie Measimer, Carbondale Middle School, “Music, Magic, and Madness: Showboats on the Mississippi”

Gabriela Benyas, Katie Martin, and Kylee Korando, Carbondale Middle School, “Walgreens: Leaders in Change, at the Corner of Happy and Healthy”

Senior Individual Performance

Jessica Rivest, Grayslake North High School, “Emma Goldman: Anarchist Leader with an Ever-Changing Legacy”

Robert Brumer, Stevenson High School, “Public Enemy #1: The Life and Legacy of John Dillinger”

Senior Group Performance

Anastasiya Pentya, Roman Ahmed, Roberta Cacuci-Simionas, and Rachel Miller, Lincoln Park High School, “Lenny Bruce In His Own Words: His Controversial Leadership and Legacy”

Ilana Dutton, Sophia Fioramonti-Gorchow, Olivia Perozo, and Sarah Pan, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, “The Mystique Critique (or The Illinois Women's Sphere)”


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