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2014 History Fair Awards

2014 awards

Finalist Awards Ceremony Prizes:

Polk Bros. Foundation Aspire Award

Jack Grant, Mt. Carmel High School, “The Union Stockyards: A Disgusting Reform”

Revon Lewis and Amina Wynn, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, “Black Ball and the Color Line”

Aneesha Abdullah and Alexis Ringer, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, “Gwendolyn Brooks”

Jessica Barrera, Jordan Nunez, and Melanie Vera, Kennedy High School, “The World's Columbian Exposition”

Kevin Nunez and Gerardo Arambula, Infinity Math, Science, & Technology High School, “Chicago's Greatest Shame: Black Sox”

Vanessa Sepulveda and Erica Dominguez, Hancock College Prep High School, “Chicago Freedom Movement”

Marianna Aspuria, Hancock College Prep High School, “Leopold  & Loeb”

Sophia Bisch, Payton College Prep High School, “Chicago Preserves the Right to a Healthy Water and Sanitation System”

Cristina Ayala and Iririan Francisco, Infinity Math, Science, & Technology High School, “Jane Addams and Women's Rights”

Abigail Torres, Crystal Campos, Daisy Mendez, and Evelin Alferez, Juarez Community Academy , “CORE: Black Power”

Evion Thomas and Carissa Gillings, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, “The Black Panther Party”

Chukwunonso Nwandu, Mt. Carmel High School, “The True Devastation and Last Results of the Our Lady of the Angels Elementary School Fire”

Alderman Leon Despres Award for Superior Political History

Mary Patino, Aurora Priego, Jocelyn Vazquez, and Yiridian Zavala, Juarez Community Academy, “Justice Delayed Not Denied”

Robert R. McCormick Foundation Bill of Rights History Award

Dan Bier, Paul Kramer,  Zachary Sims, and James Turek, Nazareth Academy, “Vanquishing the Illinois Black Codes:  Chicagoans Who Made a Difference”

Roosevelt History of Rights Award

Sabine Andre, Fatima Eldigair, and Tess Whitaker, Lincoln Park High School, “When Rights Collide- Violence at the 1968 Democratic National Convention”

Loyola University Chicago Department of History Urban History Prize

Luccas Borges, Samir Hadzic, Michael Korbut, Tenzin Kunsang, and Sam Lurye, Lincoln Park High School, “Bughouse Square”

Ravenswood-Lakeview History Prize

Marissa Oshana, Maine South High School, “An Expanding Chicago: Lake View and the Annexation of 1889”

Clarence Darrow History Award

Marissa Howe, Independent Scholar, “Clarence  Darrow: In Defense of All”

The John D’Emilio Prize for LGBT History

Deliah Ayala, Morton East High School, “Gay Pride”

Abra Berkoff, Lincoln Park High School, “Love is Love: Henry Gerber and the Society for Human Rights”

Prize for Excellence in Hyde Park Township History

Justin Fahey, Maine South High School, “Football at The University of Chicago”

Sebastian Barron, Colin Buenvenida, Mason Klonowski, Roben Mata, and Kyle Metzger, Nazareth Academy, “Leon O. Jacobson:  Pioneer of Cancer Research”

Timuel Black Award for African-American History

Ella Berry, Payton College Prep High School, “Chicago Defender and the Great Migration”

Alicia Hook, Grayslake North High School, “Dr. Daniel Hale Williams Opens the Way for African Americans”

Raymond and Janice Trembacki Award for Excellence in History

Andrew Campoverde, Jaelyn Jugo, Angelica Krupa, and Raquel Ledezma, Lincoln Park High School, “Free Market vs. Workers and Consumers”

Make Chicago Proud Prize

Salvador Gloria, Jacob Greider, Andrew Guifarro, and Neal Morrill, Waukegan High School, “Abbott's Race for the Test”

Margaret Cross Norton Award for the Best Use of Primary Source

Anna Knes, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, “Rights and Responsibilities of a Senator: Stephen A. Douglas, the Lecompton Constitution, and the Chicago Push”

Paul Barrett Memorial Award

Gabriela Cruz and Josely Martinez, Solorio Academy High School, “Richard Wright and Native Son”

Ben Weingarten, Evanston Township High School, “The “L“: The Responsibility of a City to Provide Transportation to the People”

Obenshain Award for Excellence in Architectural History

Sydney Steans-Gail, Payton College Prep High School, “The Art of Architecture: The Life and Legacy of Louis Sullivan”

Eric Strand, East Aurora High School, “Skyscrapers”

Early History of Chicago Award

Selena Mei, Lincoln Park High School, “Reversal of Fortune”

George Javaras Memorial Award for Superior History

John Demastri, Lincoln Park High School, “The Power of the First Amendment”

Fross Award for Urban History

Syeda Fatima, Regina Dominican High School, “Chicago's Greatest Public Housing Failure: The Robert Taylor Homes”

Manaaki Make History Award

Zykia Bobo and Janae Hopkins, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, “1982 Tylenol Murders and its Impact Upon Chicago”

Ubaldo Ramirez and Brian Salto, Hancock College Prep High School, “The Impact of Emmett Till”

Jacqueline Rizkallah, Chicago Academy High School, “Memorial Day Massacre”

Prize for Exemplary Immigrant History

Ebonee' Offord, Providence-St. Mel High School, “Immigrant Song: From the Lands of the Ice and Snow to the Windy City, The Immigrants' Protective League and the Crusade to Aid”

Chicago-Irish History Prize

Sara Elkasevic, Sabina Hajdarovic, Amina Hajro, Emina Hajro, and Sabrina Pineda, Lincoln Park High School, “Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America”

Hull House History Prize

Lauren Dams, Waukegan High School, “Louise Bowen and her Tireless Work for Children”

Prize for Excellence in History

Sarai Guijosa and Melissa Ortiz, Kennedy High School, “Chicago Area Project”

Jazmine Mercado, Von Steuben High School, “Camp Douglas' Sanitation Complications”

Michelle Navarro, Solorio Academy High School, “Young Lords”

Les Orear Award for Superior Labor History

Bernard Chan and Vincent Kabat, Niles West High School, “Cherry Hill Mine Disaster”

Prize for Excellence in Women’s History

Amari Davis, Morton East High School, “The Road That Ida Built”

Giselle Mena, Chicago Academy High School, “Mujeres Latinas en Accion”

Working Class History Award

Nick Janowski, Quinn Kelley, Clay Pasqual, and Rex Wang, Independent Scholars, “The Division Street Riots”

Salma Guerrero-Carrillo, Grayslake North High School, “Radium Girls: A Step Towards Workers Rights”

Prize for Public Health History

Kiana Lee and Aaliyah Williams, Niles North High School, “Provident Hospital: A Hospital of Hope”

Claire Vinopal, Maine South High School, “They Ran Out of Caskets: The  Pandemic of 1918”

Studs Terkel Center for Oral History Prize

Cindy Om, Grayslake North High School, “Cambodian Refugees in Chicago”

Brett Hong-Dana Award for Immigrant History in Chicago

Clarissa Genovese, Maine West High School, “Sweet Chicago: How Immigrants Sweetened the Candy Capital of America”

Burnham Award for Exceptional Research on the History of City Planning

Elena Johnston, Julia Porter, and Karla Solis, Payton College Prep High School, “The Gautreaux Project”

Elaine Sobel, Payton College Prep High School, “The Burnham Plan”

Young Scholars Prize

Romen Ahmed, Roberta Cacuci, Rachel Miller, and Anastasiya Pentya, Lincoln Park High School, “The Factory Act of 1893”

Karina Solano, Social Justice High School, “The Fight for Public Education in Chicago”

Blanca Escutia and Jennifer Yu, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, “The Jungle”

Camila Giraldo, Payton College Prep High School, “The Temperance Movement”

Diana Franco and Leticia Garcia, Roosevelt High School, “White Slavery: Implications for Women's Rights”

Kayla Diaz, Chicago Academy High School, “Young Lords”

Exemplary History Research Award

Polly Hochman, Payton College Prep High School, “The Birth of Neonatology: Taking responsibility to protect the rights of our smallest citizens”

Susana Martinez, Anthony Martinez, and Lisandra Perez, Chicago Academy High School, “Archibald Carey Jr.”

Berrier Crabgrass Award for Suburban History

Jacob Baskes and Sam McCarthy, Payton College Prep High School, “Beyond the City: The Suburbs in America”

Cantigny Award for Excellence in Military History

Garrett Smith, Mt. Carmel High School, “Unsung Pioneers of American Aviation”

Patrick Fischer, Mt. Carmel High School, “War Rationing Supports the USA”

Javaras History of the Arts Award

Jennifer Chien, Gabriella deMaio, and Tatum McCormick, Univeristy of Chicago Lab School High School, “The Right to Fight to Equality: A Study of 1930s and 1940s African American Art in Chicago”

Family Business History Award

Ronise Doss and Clarke Lowry, Payton College Prep High School, “John and Eunice Johnson: Empowering the African-American Community through Ebony”

Award for Superior Latino History

Alejandra Izquierdo, Westinghouse Career Academy, “Mexican American Movement”

Xiomara Rodriguez, Payton College Prep High School, “Spanish Action Coalition of Chicago”

Mayflower Society of Illinois Award for Superior History

Kayla Ylagan, Regina Dominican High School, “Hog Butcher of the World: Chicago's Union Stock Yards Throughout the Gilded Age”

Karen Dai, University of Chicago Lab School High School, “Rights, Wrongs, and Responsibilities: the Work of Florence Kelly”

Arthur Anderson Memorial Award for Superior History

Zoe Kaplan, Payton College Prep High School, “Chicago Neighborhood Park Movement”


Loyola University – James Turek, Nazareth Academy

DePaul University – Karina Solano, Social Justice High School


Illinois History Expo Special Award Winners:

Abraham Lincoln Association Award

Liam Draper, Lane Tech Academic Center, Chicago, for “How Illinois Copperheads Aided the Confederacy and Were Disloyal Toward the Union”

Elijah Lovejoy Award, Illinois Press Association

Kristen Rigsby, Taft Academic Center, Chicago, for “Robert McCormick: Defining the Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press”

Ernst Ott Award, German American National Congress

Clarissa Genovese, Maine West High School, Des Plaines, forSweet Chicago: How Immigrants Sweetened the Candy Capital of America”

Illinois Association of Museums Exhibit Design Excellence Award

Ryan Burkhardt, Maine West High School, Des Plaines, for “Cherry Mine Disaster”

Illinois Labor History Society Award

Patricia Zareba, Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, for “Hard Working People”

Keith Calloway, Kenwood Academic Center, Chicago, for “Union Stockyards: Blood, Labor Rights, and Environmental Responsibilities”

Illinois State Organization, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Award

Susan Nash, Ogden International School of Chicago, for “The Women of War”

Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission Award

Ida Claude, Miette Hennessy, Angelica Ketcham and Carolyn Mei, Whitney Young Academic Center, Chicago, for “In the Grey Area: How Operation Greylord Changed America’s Views of Justice”

National History Day Illinois School of the Year

Chicago Academy High School


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